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Annabel Dexter Jones for 81hours at MOCA in L.A.

When 81hours contacted to us with the objective to shift the traditional jersey brand into a casual contemporary fashion brand in 2011, we created campaigns featuring upcoming icons of the international lifestyle culture who were related to fashion (i.e. art, design, film, music). This fruitful cooperation lasted over five years and the campaigns led to a sellout of the 81hours products, a significant revenue push in online sales and to a massive international media coverage. All the campaigns were very unique, but the winter 2012 campaign will always be in our best memories: In the short movie titled "The Gallerina", film producer Aaron Rose and actress Annabelle Dexter-Jones convey a lifestyle that has never been portrayed before. The story centers on a beautiful female gallery assistant expertly played by Annabelle Dexter-Jones. Gallery workers have the unique position of being a liaison between the creative- and the collector class and Aaron Rose wanted to explore that relationship. The film explores art-speak, one of modern language’s most beautifully obscure incantations. To the uninitiated, it is sometimes quite odd and entertaining and borders on poetry. Shot on location at “The Painting Factory: Abstraction after Warhol” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, this film is a love letter to both creativity and words. Works by Urs Fischer, Sterling Ruby, Wade Guyton, Rudolf Stingel, Josh Smith and Christopher Wool come to life through the Gallerina’s wistful dialogue.
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OCT 18 - 02


In his latest film Hermann Vaske takes the viewers on an entertaining and surprising odyssey into the world of creativity

Why are we creative? Is it in our blood? Do we do it to make ourselves immortal? Is it a reckless compulsion? Or do we simply do it to make a buck? As part of a personal quest, for over 30 years director Herman Vaske filmed the worldʼs most intriguing artists and thinkers, including over 50 luminaries, among them Academy Award and Nobel Prize winners, from the fields of visual art, music, acting, philosophy, politics, business and science, posing the question: “Why are you creative?” In his work Vaske achieved to interview the most talented creatives from all around the world: directors such as Wim Wenders and David Lynch, musicians like David Bowie and Björk, artists such as Marina Abramović and Damien Hirst, actresses like Angelina Jolie and Isabella Rossellini, statesmen like Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev or even scientists like Stephen Hawking and religious leaders like the Dalai Lama stood infront of his camera. The answers Vaske received are as varied and intriguing as his respondents. “WHY ARE WE CREATIVE?”, is a vibrant celebration of what makes us most human, most fulfilled. We at Cc have observed the work of Herman Vaske over years and are extremely inspired by his latest documentary. As Vaske says, “Creativity means bringing together two things that have nothing to do with each other and form a third”, we believe in the power of creativity in all of our projects in order to continually come up with something completely new.
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SEP 18 - 02


SpaceX's 1st passenger flight around the moon will be an art project

Last week, during a news conference at SpaceX's headquarters in Hawthorne, California, company founder and CEO Elon Musk introduced Yusaku Maezawa as the first passenger to travel to space on SpaceX's BFR (short for "Big Falcon Rocket“) in 2023. But although the Japanese billionaire bought all the seats of the lunar flight, he doesn't want to go alone: "I thought long and hard about how valuable it would be to become the first private passenger to go to the moon. At the same time, I thought about how I can give back to the world and how this can contribute to world peace — this is my lifelong dream“, Maezawa said. This is why he decided to invite six to eight artists to go on the moon mission with him: „I did not want to have such a fantastic experience by myself. I don't like being alone, so I want to share these experiences and things with as many people as possible, so that is why I choose to go to the moon with artists!" Further he explained that these people will hail from a variety of disciplines, potentially including painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, film directors, fashion designers, architects and more. We at Cc are thrilled by this humanistic approach and the importance Maezawa gives to the creative industries. To give a group of creators the opportunity to gain a completely unique perspective on our world and use that experience to create art for the rest of us is simply a brilliant idea. Maezawa was a skateboarder and musician before founding several companies, including the custom fashion company Zozo. The billionaire is now best known as an art collector; last year, he purchased Jean-Michel Basquiat's stunning 1982 painting "Untitled" for $110.5 million. To follow the latest news about Maezawa’s initiative, search for #dearMoon and have a look at the dearMoon website.
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AUG 18 - 02


Impossible Foods

In recent months we reported a lot about Synthetic Biology and its impact on our environment, because we were involved with this new field of research by consulting our client Joyn Bio. While we were analyzing all these new promising start-ups and their communication strategies, one of them, the fake meat producer "Impossible Foods" came across and we couldn’t resist to try it during our last stay in New York City. The main aim of Impossible Foods is similar to Joyn Bio: The young start-ups try to reduce CO2 emissions by using gene editing. Animal agriculture, particularly cattle, accounts for one-seventh of total emissions, and around a quarter of the global freshwater supply. It’s simply environmentally unsustainable in its current form. But every year across the U.S., people produce and consume around 9 billion pounds of ground beef from cows. Right now, out of its year-old manufacturing facility in Oakland, Impossible Foods is producing enough of its disconcertingly beef-like plant-based meat to account for about .02% of that demand. When the Oakland facility first opened last March, it churned out around 4,000 pounds of product, and the burgers made from the plant-based meat were sold in just around 40 restaurants. After having raised more than $450 million total since its founding, the company is ramping up operations at its Oakland facility to produce 500,000 pounds of meat each month to satisfy demand from the 3,000–and rapidly growing–restaurants that now serve Impossible Foods. When we tried the burger in NCY at Bareburger, we noticed that the fake meat is not yet as good as real meat, but when we heard that the plant-based meat needs around 75% less water, it generates 87% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and requires 95% less land, we were absolutely convinced of Impossible Foods!
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NOV 18 - 01


Cc launches a new website in order to strengthen collaborations between artists and brands

Limited Editions, Artist Residencies, Strategy Workshops, Experimental Pop-Up Spaces: Today, ever more artists and companies realize the potential of each other, which is why manifold collaborations between both worlds arise. But often, these collaborations prove to be difficult: The company’s expectations may not match those of the artist and vice versa, or a lack of mutual understanding may prevent both a fruitful process and the sustainable implementation of the generated insights into the corporate structures. As the owners of Cc Consulting also operate the Circle Culture Gallery, one of Cc’s key strengths lies in speaking both languages while always putting respectful, equal and empathetic dialogues first: Cc knows the artist’s wishes and potential fears perfectly well and is, at the same time, aware of those of the collaborating company. Since the founding of Cc in 2001, the consultancy therefore deliberately initiates cooperations between brands and artists and accompanies both sides equally throughout the entire collaborative process. Past collaborations - like those between Mini and Ana Kras, ABSOLUT and Olivia Steele or Siemens and Chilly Gonzales - have shown that with the help of Cc as an intermediary, artists and companies work together more successfully, more trustfully and more creatively with the fulfilling result that both parties’ expectations are often even exceeded. With the launch of the new website, we from Cc now want to expand our service as an intermediary in order to better promote creativity and innovation in the art and corporate world.
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OCT 18 - 01


Circle Culture’s exhibited artist JR creates an immersive installation at the Brandenburg Gate

This week, the internationally renowned French street artist JR transformed Berlin’s most famous landmark: the Brandenburg Gate. Exclusively for the Day of German Unity, JR created a 25-metre-high installation that attracted the capital’s attention strongly. Almost twenty-nine years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, JR connected an historical image with the famous symbol of Germany’s division to convey the euphoria and joy of the day after the fall of the Berlin Wall – a moment that embraces and reflects the fundamental spirit of the annual Day of German Unity festivities, namely the longing for freedom, unity and democracy. Speaking about the project, JR stated: „The Brandenburg Gate was part of a wall that represented the division of Europe following the failure of a mass murder ideology. It separated women and men who lived in two opposite systems of thought.The opening of this Gate has kindled a wind of freedom that has engulfed millions of Europeans.“ JR has always been using street art as a political statement, bringing social and political important issues to light, like problems of immigration and crossing borders. This time he has surely caught everyone’s attention, bringing back vivid pictures from the history of Germany, which should give everyone a pause for reflection on the importance of the Reunification Day. We at Cc are especially delighted to the appreciation JR – an old friend and exhibited artist at our gallery – receives. He was not only asked to create a street art installation on the capital's most iconic monument, he even had the honor to build it during Germany's most important public holiday. We are very excited to see his creative career flourish and we can't wait to discover further upcoming projects of the French artist.
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SEP 18 - 01


Website launch announcement of the newly formed company “Joyn Bio”

After building name, brand and CI, we are proud to annnounce the launch of Joyn Bio's newly developed Website: We at Cc are very pleased that we could help our client to build this highly innovative synthetic biology brand. Read the full story  about Joyn Bio at WIRED.  
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AUG 18 - 01


The online retailer launches a new Generation-Z focused brand

ASOS seems to be the most popular online retail shop for teens. This is what we always hear at our consumer workshops and that’s why the latest announcement from UK doesn’t surprise us much: With its launch of the fashion line “Collusion”, ASOS again demonstrates its trend affinity and deep understanding of current youth culture. Created by a collective of six young designers, models, artists, and influencers, Collusion’s USP is, that it is designed for Gen Z, but also by Gen Z. “Each with their own influential online voices and diverse followings – have taken the label to places it could never have gone alone. The result is Collusion; a new-to-market fashion proposition anchored by the ideals of collaboration, inclusivity and experimentation,” ASOS said. To bring different kind of perspectives together and involve teenagers to the creative processes, is something we at Cc always tell our clients within the fashion industry. However, this is not the only innovative approach of ASOS. Collusion will be launched alongside a national marketing campaign that captures the lives of 100 young people living in the UK who will turn 18 in 2018. Each was asked the question ‘what do you wish for, in the year you come of age?’. In this way ASOS creates an image of a group portrait and visual census of Britain’s youth at a unique moment in time. We at Cc are very convinced by this social, cultural and also political campaign and the innovative development of the fashion brand. If you can't wait anymore until the launch in October, you can start following the Collusion Instagram profile: