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Development of an in-depth competitor analysis of the worldwide museum and art foundation market, of a proprietary brand circle as well as of a differentiating target group segmentation and approach for Museum Frieder Burda – Salon Berlin. In 2016, with “Salon Berlin”, the renowned Baden-Baden-based Museum Frieder Burda opened a satellite project- and showroom in Berlin, which is dedicated to convey and provide support for both the programme and collection of the mother institution. Conceived as a place for dialogue and exchange, Salon Berlin aims at promoting new forms of artistic expression by confronting them with classical positions from the collection. One of the particular challenges in developing the brand circle constituted the necessity to reflect the well-established identity and values of the mother institution while simultaneously proudly signalling the new, unique and therefore somehow emancipated offering by Salon Berlin.


After having conducted an in-depth desk research on the global museum and art foundation market in order to better understand our client’s competitors’ positioning, we decided to hold an intimate workshop within the inviting space of Museum Frieder Burda - Salon Berlin at the former Jewish School for Girls in Berlin-Mitte. The workshop, which we invited key team members and stakeholders of Salon Berlin including the latter’s curator Patricia Kamp to, was meant to brainstorm on both the mother institution’s and its satellite’s characterizing values, targets and communication avenues and to collectively identify key elements for the brand circle and its constituent parts such as brand world, mission and brand essence.


We used our proprietary brand circle in order to refine and further sharpen the unique artistic offering by Museum Frieder Burda – Salon Berlin. Since our brand circle represents the perfect tool to steer the institution through all future communication activities, we subsequently performed a tripartite target group segmentation and developed tailor-made communication measures for each of the three identified consumer profiles.


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