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JAN 23 – 01

New Global Insight & Semiotic Research Project

Exploration of "Positivity" through Expert Interviews

What could be more exciting than getting a global Insight & Semiotic project on Positivity - especially in these times. The study explored the tensions, paradoxes, and potentially uncomfortable truths about Positivity that the brand ´glo` could leverage to champion 
its ability in this space, peak interest and engage consumers.
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AUG 22 – 01

'South Park' Pop-Up Shops Launching Around the World to Celebrate Show's 25th Anniversary

In Collaboration with Circle Culture in Berlin

The award-winning animated series South Park celebrates its 25th anniversary, and to celebrate, South Park Studios and Comedy Central have opening an exclusive South Park pop-up store in Mitte at our workshop and gallery space in Berlin. The anniversary event begins on July 29 in Mexico City before heading overseas to London on August 12, Berlin on August 19, Tokyo on September 16, and Lucca, Italy on October 28. Each shop will be open for one weekend only before heading to its next international destination. Given the popularity of South Park around the globe, it's an opportunity to get international fans in on the action without having to travel to the U.S. The perfect place for fans to immerse themselves in the world of Stan, Eric, Kyle and Kenny. Among other things, the store has exclusive South Park merchandise, original props from the long-running series and special photo ops for unforgettable Instagram moments. In addition, there will be articles featuring the most popular characters, interactive surprises and exclusive local products.
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MAY 22 – 01

Our Experiences

Snippet of a showreel for a business conference in the US

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MARCH 22 – 01


Content Creation & Messaging

This piece of work was produced for our long standing client Leaps by Bayer for the Boston Hub Week, a Boston-based festival eclectically fusing art, science and technology. We have developed the messaging for their innovative and extraordinary escape game “Breaking Through Impossible”. Escape games build immersive 3D worlds commonly featuring a blend of both analogue and digital elements in which teams are confronted with a key challenge that they need to jointly find a solution to. Much of what is aimed to achieve is not yet possible. Setbacks and failures are to be expected while pursuing such ambitious targets. The „Breaking Through Impossible“ Escape Game is designed to reflect the culture that defines the Leaps by Bayer organization, and to inspire people to experience what it means and feels like to be part of a biotech breakthrough (leap). The escape game simulates the rush of landing a biotech moonshot to inspire targets to continue their pursuits of seemingly impossible breakthroughs.
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SEP 22 – 01

New Cutting Edge BioTech Project

Renewal Bio

We are happy to announce a new project within the BioTech segment. We were approached by the Isreal based start-up RenewalBio to consult them how to simplify complex and breakthrough scientific technologies into easily digestible messages.
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JUNE 22 – 01

New Leaps by Bayer Annual Review 2021

Concept, Editorial & Design

We are delighted to inform you about our latest project for Leaps by Bayer. We were in charge to conceptualize, edit and design their first Annual Review, which highlights key milestones achieved by their team and portfolio, biotech investment trends, Leaps’ community engagement activities, and more. Please head to their webpage to download the full report:
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APRIL 22 – 01

Jennifer Doudna & Tory Burch Collaboration

Unleash new power and opportunities

What a sharp collaboration between Jennifer Doudna‘s Innovative Genomics Institute and the Tory Burch Foundation - it is so important to come together across segments to get out of bubbles in order to unleash new power and opportunities - and in this case especially for women.
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FEB 22 – 02

Connecting with the customer through narratives, myths, and metaphors

When brand leadership is all about the story

Today’s media landscape that brands need to aptly navigate has been becoming ever more multifaceted in recent years. Not only are media channels increasingly fragmented and subject to extremely fast shifts, especially with regard to social media, but a whole new layer of complexity has been added through the emergence of the metaverse. The differentiating factor that brands can and should leverage here to help inform, orientate and, above all, inspire the customer does not lie on the product or category side, but in the mastery of storytelling. If executed with a thorough understanding of what resonates with the customer, storytelling in itself can establish, enhance, and constantly nurture the brand value. The pivotal role of storytelling to the building of aspirational brands is also reflected in the concept of Added Luxury Value (ALV). The key idea behind this notion is the fact that legacy brands do not focus primarily on their product or category, but on connecting with the customer through narratives, myths, and metaphors. Key players within the biotech sector increasingly are currently pushing into B2C markets as well, since they have understood the importance of telling meaningful stories to making a difference in customer awareness. A perfect case in point is provided by Flagship Pioneer, a Boston-based biotech investment fund that has, amongst others, financially backed Moderna. Through podcasts, editorials and overall inspiring content, they have mastered the art of storytelling to an extent where their actual product offering almost comes to the background. This seemingly soft strategy proves to be extremely effective in leveraging further funds or, in the case of brands, in propelling sales. Thanks to its longstanding experience in helping leading lifestyle brands like Nike or Red Bull produce aspirational stories to be shared with their consumers, Circle Culture Consulting has successfully consulted some of the most promising biotech companies on their brand positioning, with a special focus being put on developing truly differentiating stories. Link to the corresponding article: