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Development of the CI, naming, brand and logo of an avantgarde life science start up from Boston that has the mission to leverage the revolutionary technology called CRISPR/Cas 9. The new company is a novel joint venture between Leaps, the Life Science Incubator by Bayer, and CRISPR Therapeutics, focused on discovering, developing and commercializing new CRISPR/Cas9-based breakthrough therapeutics to transform the lives of patients and families affected by genetic diseases. One of the particular challenges by developing the CI was to develop a distinguish CI without losing the significant CI elements of the two merging companies “Bayer” and CRISPR Therapeutics.


We decided to hold a high-profile workshop at the legendary, London-based art institution Tate Britain. The workshop, which we invited international experts from our key creative network to, aimed at brainstorming and finding an aspirational new company name and first CI concepts. In order to boost the participants' imagination and, consequently, the fruitfulness of the workshop, we leveraged the premises of the museum as source of inspiration and stimulation and actively integrated the current exhibition into the development process. Part of this truly unique workshop experience was, amongst others, a senior editor of Cool Hunting, a science fiction writer, a product designer as well as two semioticians.


We used our proprietary Brand Circle in order to define and develop the fundament of the new brand. A tool to steer the brand through all future communication activities. The final name became “Casebia" – it contains "cas" (from the CRISPR technology "Cas 9" and the Spanish word "casa" for home) and a reminiscence to Bayer via the ending "ebia".


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Key Creatives

Science Fiction Author
Coolhunting Senior Editor
Product Designer
Science Architect


2015 - 2016




High-profile workshops at Tate Britain
Casebia logo animation
The final logo