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Insight - Objective

Generation of insights for the three years strategy of Nike AGS Sportswear apparel.

Concept - Strategy

With the aim to dive deep into the culture, mindset and lifestyle of 14 to 22 years old consumers in Berlin we believed firmly that an ongoing contact to the young target group is indispensable. Instead of "once-in-a-while-talks" with potential consumers, we use several methods such as snapshot telephone interviews, whats app groups, in-home dialogues, workshops and product evaluations at the Nike showroom to stay in close contact with the target group.

Output - Impact

An in-depth understanding of teenage mindsets and their way to express themselfes through their style. With the aid of our presentation Nike is now able to align the product strategy in order to fulfill the apparel desires of the target audience.


Cultural Immersion

Focus Group

Insight Generation

New Product Development


Key Creatives

Key influencers of the dominant target audiences of Nike




Germany, Austria, Switzerland




In-Home interviews


In-home interview in Berlin Neukölln
In-home interviewin Berlin Schöneberg


Focus Groups