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Communication platform "Keep Exploring"

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INSIGHT – Objective

Conception of a holistic communication platform that resonates with trend-conscious consumers and works with the slogan "keep exploring".

Concept – Strategy

We came up with the idea of establishing a BenQ-Siemens "Explore Family" that reflects the slogan "Keep Exploring".
This family functions as an integrative platform for different communication activities:

The Explore Room: This is a temporary brand space which at first glance seemed to be a showroom for the latest range of BenQ-Siemens mobile phones. We invited the pop culture musician Gonzales to paint a graffiti on the walls whilst he was performing at the opening event. We gave guests pink felt-tip pens so they could leave their own special mark on the walls. Thanks to the visitors’ great urge of communication, the murals changed every day. A special ringtone of his concert was recorded and sent to all visitors one day after the event as an act of friendship.

The Explore Collection: Special edition mobile phones and accessories were customized by superstars like Robert Smith from the Cure, Fashion Designer Bernhard Willhelm, Electro-Pop Singer Peaches, Pop Band Scissor Sisters and Street Artist André Saraiva from Paris. These objects were presented at the Explore Room and then auctioned off on Ebay. The proceeds were donated to the charity project Designers Against Aids.

The Explore Family: Endorsment and partnerships with leading German actors like Moritz Bleibtreu, Jan Vogel, Simone Hanselmann, Marc Hosemann and Daniel Brühl.

The Explore Design Workshop: Together with the HDK Berlin we initiated a creative product development workshop for young students, guided and hosted by the product designer Saskia and Stefan Diez and the fashion designer Kaviar Gauche. The final products of the students were presented at a special booth designed by the design duo osko+deichmann at the Bread & Butter fashion fair.

Impact – Output

The brand became culturally relevant but the products where not compatible, which was the reason for their breakdown. It was at the time (2005) where the communication method was not able to disguise the lack of quality in a product.


Artist Collaboration

Communication Development

Content Development


Event & PR Concept

Exhibition & Event



New Product Development


Strategy Consulting

Key Creatives

Stefan & Saskia Diez
Kaviar Gauche
Andre Saraiva
Robert Smith, The Cure
Bernhard Wilhelm
Scissor Sisters
Chilly Gonzales
Osko & Deichmann
Bread & Butter Fashion Fair
Berlin Designmai






The Explore Room

Interactive Pop up Space

with Performances, MMS Game & Product presentations

The Explore Collection

Artist Co-operation

Customized Mobile Phones & Accessoires

The Explore Design Workshop

Student Design Program

guided by Stefan Diez & Kaviar Gauche

The Explore Family

EndorsEment & Relationships

with i.e Daniel Brühl, Moritz Bleibtreu, DJ Thomilla