Creation of energy to connect Dirk Nowitzki
to a broader target group

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INSIGHT – Objective

To position Dirk Nowitzki as a German Nike Icon - create energy to connect to a broader target group and not only the urban basketball inspired sports fanatic.

Concept – Strategy

Dirk Nowitzki has quite a number of personal professional traits that need to be combined into one short expression. This expression should be both, an internal battle cry and a means to unite external communication activities. The potential contradiction in Dirk‘s image is based on the fact that as a professional he is close to "perfection" (a scoring machine) but as a person he is still very human, humble and down-to earth. We finally agreed on the new prototype - a mate who is rewriting the rules of the game.

Output – Impact

We developed activities (i.e. limited T-Shirts, gallery exhibitions, art objects...) that triggered a dialogue around Dirk as an athlete, as a person and emotionalized his personality within fashion inspired cultures.


Communication Development

Content Development

Design System

Event & PR Concept

Exhibition & Event


Strategy Consulting

Key Creatives








Specially designed portrait

to personalize Dirk`s character

Limited edition T-shirts

for the media and opinion leaders

The Nowitzki dolls

representing his main two characteristics

Exhibition interior

displaying his past and presence

Exhibition icons

to illustrate his sports career and life