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Development of the CI, naming, brand and logo of a pioneering cell therapy start up that is able to replace dead, damaged, or dysfunctional cells to restore critical natural functions within the human body. With the vision of liberating patients from the burden of degenerative diseases, the new company was founded by a novel joint venture between Bayer and Versant Venture plus accompanying strategic partnerships with a number of leading academic and industry collaborators in the U.S., Canada and Japan. One of the particular challenges by developing the CI was to develop a CI that lives in the context of the previous founded company “Casebia” and integrates the significant CI elements of the two merging companies “Bayer” and “Versant Ventures”.


As a methodology, we decided to undertake five single interviews with distinguished experts from our global thinkers network in London. In these fruitful interviews, we learned the specific view of two stem cell scientists, talked to a biochemist with profound knowledge in digital marketing, animatedly discussed with an art curator and got meaningful insights by a semiotician.


With our proprietary Brand Circle, we developed the fundament of the new brand, called "BlueRock". For the logo of BlueRock we decided to come up with overlapping stem cells that reminds the observer of the view on stem cells in a petri dish. For us it was important that these stem cells appear dynamically and that the colors pay homage to the merging companies.


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Key Creatives

MPhys & Digital Expert
Art Curator
Stem Cell Scientists


2016 - 2017





Expert Interviews

Meaningful insights from 2 Stem Cell Scientists, a Biochemist, Digital Marketing Expert & Art Curator

MPhys & Digital Expert
Art Curator & Author
Stem Cell Scientist
InspirationMessaging & Thinking
Inspiration Visual Identity
InspirationScience & Technology
The new logo

Understanding the Naming Dimensions of the segment