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Democratizing cancer therapy

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The objective was to develop the brand platform, culture and visual identity of Century Therapeutics. The Philadelphia-based start-up is dedicated to democratizing cancer therapy by developing both induced pluripotent stem cell-based therapies and novel allogeneic living drugs for oncology that overcome the limitations of first-generation cell therapies.


With the mission of developing a relevant brand platform and appealing visual identity for Century Therapeutics’ website, we organized and led a comprehensive stakeholder workshop in Philadelphia. In order to best fuel the creative flow during the workshop, we designed beforehand three visual identities and brought them as a groundwork for the actual ideation process to Philadelphia. One of these routes was then chosen by Century Therapeutics’ team and further elaborated during the workshop itself. We at Cc especially value a common acceleration workshop with all stakeholders concerned to kick-off a joint project in order to create a precise hierarchy of information for an optimal digital communication flow during the entire project and to guarantee a deep understanding of the visual leitmotif of the Century Therapeutics brand. By doing so, we are able to ensure a sustained common ground for the desired brand expression across the whole team, thereby enabling highest levels of quality within short deadlines.


Our very successful workshop thus laid the foundations for a differentiating corporate identity as well as for the visual language of the brand’s website. As a result, the latter stands out from competitors in a new and refreshing way by focusing its imagery not exclusively on laboratory pictures – as commonly known within the segment -, but by highlighting the human dimension of the company’s great purpose through the usage of people and community pictures. "Democratizing Cancer Therapy" becomes the central messaging and is at the same time their pursued mission.


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