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Conception of the logo, corporate identity and webpage for the private biotechnology company Khloris Biosciences that is, in its joint venture with our client Leaps by Bayer, dedicated to revolutionizing medical treatment and prevention of cancer by developing novel, first-in-class anti-cancer vaccines based on human induced pluripotent stem cells. The overarching objective was to design a visual language that is in a way entertaining that the user, especially of the webpage, is induced to fully read and digest the complex information delivered by Khloris Biosciences.


By conducting multiple phone interviews with internal stakeholders from Khloris Biosciences, we not only carved out pivotal brand statements and key messages, but also explored the interviewees’ wishes and expectations for Khloris’ new visual language and expression.


The supreme goal of finding a visual language that both entertains and informs the user could eventually be met thanks to a differentiating scroll-down technique, which organically leads the user through the rationale behind Khloris Biosciences. In doing so, we could make sure that the user is led through the whole content provided by the webpage, instead of being left behind overloaded in the read process.


Brand Development

Content Development

Corporate Identity

Design System


Key Creatives

Berlin based illustrator


2018 - 2019





 Khloris Biosciences
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