Nivea Creme

Conception of youth oriented formats

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Insight - Objective

To increase the relevance of the Nivea brand (Nivea Creme) in the segment of 16 to 20-year-olds.

Research - Methodology

In a workshop with opinion leaders & in-depth interviews with media experts we created a value-based positioning for this segment by translating Nivea’s traditional values into brand themes appropriate to young people, such as ‘community’, ‘true skills’ and ‘personal creativity’. We used this positioning as a basis for creating new, youth-oriented formats for brand delivery, including the Nivea Summer Camp, a Nivea tube clip holder and a Nivea vending machine.

Recommendations - Impact

In line with the new value-based positioning, we conceptualized the Summer Camp, coordinated the design process for the new Nivea vending machine and clip & oversaw the strategic placement of the machines at key consumer touch points (i.e Skateboard Contests & Music Concerts...) and implemented a lifestyle PR strategy that generated PR Features in 8 German print publcations (i.e Lodown, Spex, Style & de:Bug).


Brand Development

Content Development

Event & PR Concept

Focus Group

In-depth Interview

Insight Generation

New Product Development




Trend & Ideation Workshop

Key Creatives

For the In-depth Interviews:
MTV Presenter
Lifestyle Journalists

For the Ideation Workshop:
German POP Singer
Director MTV
Fashion Photographer
Music Manager
Lifestyle Editor
Funsport Manager


2002 – 2004




Product Innovation

The Nivea Clip

to bring Nivea from the bathroom into the streets

Product & Service Innovation

The Nivea Vending Machine

to bring Nivea from the bathroom into bars & clubs

Community Building

Der Nivea Berg /A Nivea Summer Camp

to give something back to the consumer

Community Building

Overview Der Nivea Berg