Leaps by Bayer

Leaps by Bayer is spearheading a movement to make paradigm-shifting advances in the life sciences

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Insight - Objective

Development of a cutting edge brand expression within the bio lifescience industry covering core brand tonality, recruitment and all facettes of external communication.

Concept - Methodology

Using the intellectual leverage of our key creative network we have developed a differentiated positioning within the bio lifescience market and developed an executional expression across naming, CI, architecture, film and other communication formats. Even though the company is rooted within its mother company Bayer, the biotech incubator embodies start up characteristics, such as speed, risks and breakthrough innovations. To illustrate these features as well as the incubator’s relationship to Bayer in form of a logo, we positioned the original Bayer logo at the right side above the new lettering, thereby letting stand the new companies name all by itself and preventing Bayer from being visually too prevailing. Cc decided to use an elegant and classical lettering in order to distinguish itself from common biotech companies.

Output - Impact

The final name became "Leaps" – the logo convinces with simplicity and embodies the literal meaning of "leaps" (= jump). Cc compiled a comprehensive Corporate CI manual on how to use the logo and typeface.


Brand Development

Corporate Identity

Design System

Expert Knowledge

Insight Generation


Key Creatives

Dr. Malcom Evans
Jeremy Abbett
Greg Rowland
Dr. Robert Langer
David Edwards
Anna Bernagozzi
Label Famille
Paul Gerwien
Ralf Fischer
Johannes Klose


2015 - ongoing






Naming & CI Development Expert interviews with

Semoticians & Design Professor

Ensad Best-in-Class Students with Prof. Anna Bernagozzi
Semiotician Dr. Malcom Evans


Creative Experts

In-depth interviews with

lifescience experts

David EdwardsAuthor of "Creativity in the post Google generation"
Prof. Robert Langer
Artist Kevin Taylor
The final logo